Balance Dragonfly Diffuser

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  • This is a dragonfly shaped diffusers for essential oils, with the mouth as the fulcrum, it can maintain a delicate balance anywhere. As long as you drop a few drops of essential oil in the tail of the dragonfly, the fragrance will spread naturally.
  • The dragonfly essential oil wood diffuser is also a good decompression toy. If you touch it, it will rotate and will not fall. Enjoy the good time in the fragrance you like.
  • It is also a beautiful home decoration, Metal and logs are very textured. Simple design, clever collocation, the whole design is simple and direct, without a trace of redundancy.
  • The exquisite two-layer package Included: 1*dragonfly diffuser,1*essential oil, 1*metal pole and metal base, 3*replacement wood wings, and 1*screw driver.
  • This is a great dragonfly gift for family and friends