Creative origami ultra-thin stand

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  • ✨ WHAT IS FODI? - FODI is a paper thin, multi-purpose stand that uses a carefully designed origami structure that can hold your smartphone, laptop, books and more. Origami, which is a Japanese traditional art form of paper folding, is not only a beautiful piece of art, but also has use cases in engineering and architecture. Even NASA is using Origami structure on their satellites!
  • ✨ WHAT MAKES FODI SPECIAL? -FODI uses advanced, patent-pending origami structure with modern material. The world is multi-dimensional and so is FODI. Despite having a strong structure, FODI weighs only 0.08 lbs (40g), which means FODI can quite literally transform into a piece of paper when laid flat. With a thickness of only 1mm, you can easily put FODI in your bag, laptop or even use it as a bookmark!
  • ✨ FODI IS WATER RESISTAT - Made with environmentally-friendly fibre paper, FODI is water and stain-resistant, which means you can easily clean it. There’s no hassle, even if you accidentally spill your coffee all over your desk!
  • ✨ WHY DO YOU NEED FODI? - Laptops, tablets and smartphones are designed for our convenience, yet their extensive usage, especially while sitting at a desk, can lead to various health issues. These include bad posture, stiff neck and back pain. With FODI, you can continue using your devices, all while keeping a comfortable, and most importantly, healthy posture.
  • ✨ FODI PACKING - The packing of FODI may looks minimal, but we believe less is more. We have designed the protective packing to do its job with the least material - so less gets thrown away. Our design ensures FODI to arrive perfectly straight and unscratched.